NitrAdine® is a Clinically-Approved

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  • Visual Testing

    The NitrAdine® solution had no visible negative effect on the soft liner.

    The NitrAdine® solution did not colour or discolour the lining material or the denture

  • Functional Testing

    The NitrAdine® solution did not affect the adherence of the liner to the denture. This remained intact.

  • Performance Testing

    The penetration test is successfully passed by both specimens displaying satisfactory elastic resistance to the penetration test, validating the denture lining material for use.

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Unique triple action formula

✓ Penetrates the micro-porosities of the appliance

✓ Kills the micro-organisms in the micro-porosities

✓ Washes the dead micro-organisms away

Non corrosive to metal - No discoloration or distortion of oral devices - Non-toxic to human oral mucosa - Effervescent tablet: easy to use and consumer friendly.

Did you know?

Oral bacteria have been implicated in aspiration pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and dentures offer a reservoir for micro-organisms associated with these infections

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